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Just Turned Ex

I'm a newly ex girlfriend... and it sucks especially since he broke up wit me yet he keeps calling?.?.?... He ignores me for days, told ma bff i'm annoying, breaks up with me and now he wont stop calling me... i'm tryin to live my life but its hard with him making me so confused on a daily basis.... idk wat i'm going to do its been like dis since we started... first 2 months was da best but after that everything has been a rollercoaster... i honestly cant trust him but cant help but love him even thogh i kno he is gonna break my heart yet again... idk i'm just confused and may need a lil help ma friends dont understand so i cant ask them....
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does he deserve a second chance? it doesn't seem like he does. and if he doesn't deserve a second chance, then answer the phone, tell him to stop calling you, and hang up. it'll hurt but you'll feel stronger and eventually you'll feel better again. i can't tell you you won't always love him, i think you will alittle bit, but after you tell him to stop calling you'll be able to realize that you deserve more than a boy who can't decide whether or not he wants you. good luck, feel better.