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i'm new. . . . .

well like me and my first b/f as i should say first lover went out n broke up after a year. i went out with his ex best friend, bc they hated each other then, like a few days later. i went out with him for like a wekk then went back to my first. i stayed with him for about a couple months and went back to his ex bestfriend. then i went back to him for about 6 months. then i went to his ex friend again. so i went with both of them off and on for about two years three times each. i thought i was in love with my first b/f but it really wasnt all that great. b/c he would be mad at me all the time for talkin to certain guys. so i dont really know weither or not it was my fault for going back to him everytime. but i did it b/c i thought i was in love and he was the guy for me even though he was my first. well after the third time with his ex bestfriend i started dating this other guy when my first was still trying to get with me i thought this could break the cicle but the only problem is that my first b/f was also friends with this guy. but i only stayed with this guy for like 2 months. but now i am back with my first ex best firned and everything is going good. i actually want to be in the relationship not like the other three times. but sometimes i still think about my first. i talk to him a lil still, but i am scared i still have feelings for him since i thought me n him were in love. but then again i dont want to go back to him like the other times and i dont think it should happen anyways. but i jsut dont know why i still think about him when our relationship wasnt that great. and since me n him broke up so many times it may should tell me to completly forget about him since he wasnt right for me. but yea yall can comment on this if yall wanna. . . .
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